Membership Dues

KCA offers the following categories of membership:

General Contractor

Sub/ Specialty Contractor

Associate - Supplier/ Service Provider

KCA requires an annual base membership dues of $350 from all categories. General Contractor members will also owe an additional amount based on volume dues. 

To explain the volume dues: The Volume Dues only applies to the General Contractor category. The amount owed for this is: $100 per million dollars of volume from the previous year for amount exceeding $5 million. For example, a General Contractor who performed $10 million in volume would translate into $100 X 5 = $500 and in this example the General Contractor would owe $500 + $350 = $850. The maximum amount for dues is $2,850 ($2,500 + $350 = $2,850).

KCA Membership Application

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